Data Science
Why is Data Science important Very little/none textbooks/courses covering the discipline as a whole Compare to Software Engineering/Compute Science during 70-80sof the last century Data Science is what data scientists do Why data science and data scientists are needed? Development of enabling technology Raising Expectations from customers
  • Next batch: 15 Sep, 2018
  • 70 hrs
  • 8 weekends (Sat & Sun)
About the Course
Introduction to Data Science
Introduction to Machine Learning
Python Basics
Recommender Systems
Titanic Challenge – Kaggle
Loading the Data, doing the Feature Engineering, Building some Data Models & Validating it
Introduction to Data
Data Science- Connection with AI
Need for AI
The Various Forms of Data
BigData NLP
ML mathematical definition
Types of ML
Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforcement
Classification and Regression
Training Data and Test Data
Underfitting and Overfitting(Bias and Variance tradeoff)
Accuracy, Precision, Recall, F Measure, ROC curve
Feature Selection, ChiSquared test
Introduction to Python
Classes and Objects
Advanced Python concepts
Conditional Probability
Eucledian distance
Cosine similarity
Pearson Correlation
K- Nearest Neighbors
Naïve Bayesian- Discrete and Continous
Decision Trees
Introduction to Random Forest
Neural Networks
Gradient Descent Learning
Types of Functions
Multilayer Perceptron
Support Vector Machines
Bagging and Boasting
SemiSupervised(Self Training)
Linear Regression
Nature of Linear function
Nature of Non-Linear Function
Logistic Regression
Centroids Introduction
K-means clustering
K-mediods clustering
Hierarchial Clustering - Agglomerative and Divisive
Spectral Clustering Introduction and its Applications
PCA, LDA and Factor Analysis
Content Based and Colloborative Filtering
Cold Start problem
Black Sheep
Colloborative Filtering using KNN
Pearson Correlation
Matrix Factorization
Introduction to MDP
Bandit algorithm to solve Recommender Systems
Loading the Data, doing the Feature Engineering, Building some Data Models & Validating it
Trainer details
Cibe Sridharan
MS & BE from IIT Madras | Data Scientist | Delivered trainings to 50+ professionals since 2015 | Conducted multiple MeetUPs on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence