Tableau is a business intelligence tool that is used for clear data visualization. Its interactive nature enables to easily create visualizations in the form of dashboards, charts, graphs, worksheets, etc. This Visual representation of data is highly beneficial for an organization to find solutions for many problems.
  • Next batch: 03 Feb, 2018
  • 45 hrs
  • 8 weekends (Sat & Sun)
About the Course
Introduction to Visualization
Introduction to Tableau Architecture
Introduction to Tableau
Introduction to Tableau Server
Connect to and prepare data
Design View and analyze data
Building view exercises
Publish data source and dashboard
Share and manage web content
Connecting data from different source
Building simple views
Building simple Advance views
Understanding and creating story boarding
Publishing the dashboard to Tableau Server
How to manage Tableau Server
Introduction to Tableau
Introduction to Tableau Architecture
Connecting and fetching data from different sources
Data blending
Joins for data blending for more than two platforms
Live and Extract connection for data into Tableau
Introduction to data fields in Tableau
Creating basic views
Creating basic caution
Story boarding
Creating different types of filters
Change data levels
Customs dates format
Share and manage web content
Introduction to Advance views
Creating map views
Customizing map views
Advance calculation in Tableau
Different calculation function in Tableau
Quick Table Calculations
Introduction to story boarding
Different types of story boarding
Understanding the business flow and presenting in views
How to make rich visualization in tableau
Publishing the dashboard to Tableau Server
Introduction to Tableau Server
Different types of user interact with Tableau server
Site Administrator guide
Server Administrator Guide
Distributed architecture
Trainer details
Monika Bharti
BI - Tableau Developer | Delivered trainings to 65+ professional since 2013 | Conducted multiple workshops on Tableau Visualization and Story Boarding.